Holiday Art Programs for Children’s Home by NP Diploma in Arts Business Management

Main Aims

  • To reach out and meaningfully engage the children through the arts, especially when physical meetups are not feasible in times of the pandemic.
  • Encourage children to think creatively through story-writing.
  • To allow the children to be exposed to various activities that they have not tried before.

Target Audience

Children and teenagers from Chen Su Lan Children’s Home

Seed Kindness Fund Island Seed Kindness Fund people on island

Project Methodology

  • Reached out to children through craft making and hip-hop.
  • For craft-making, all programme tutorials were recorded (10 minutes each).
  • Used an existing story line from Ratatouille and encouraged children to expand their ideas from there.
  • With the guided tutorials, children unleased their creativity by colouring and filling in the conversation bubbles in the zine booklets that were prepared for them.
  • Children directed and filmed their own stories
  • Engaged the children with basic moves in Hip-Hop.
  • 28th April - 4th May: Creation of craft templates for printing/ creation of craft video tutorials
  • 4th May - 8th May: Reviewing of videos (quality check)
  • 16th May - 17th May: Collate videos to send
  • 18th May: Start of event

Outcomes of Project

  • Achieved team’s set goals for each tutorial video i.e. clear and easy to follow.
  • Children were engaged through these craft works