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Application Phase

What type of projects are usually approved for the Seed Kindness Fund (SKF)?

Projects related to human-to-human kindness.

Mechanism: Carried out in the community or reach out to the public via online/ social media platforms or campaigns (online or offline).

Previous themes: General day-to-day kindness, inclusion, cyber wellness, foreigner-local integration, neighbourliness, kindness on public transport, gracious sharing of pathways, mental health, kindness towards service staff, appreciation of foreign workers, encouraging town ownership, trolley etiquette and values education.

However, projects do not have to be limited to the topics mentioned above. As long as projects have the kindness element and aim to start, show and spread kindness to others, the projects are eligible for the Seed Kindness Fund.

What are some guidelines on how the Seed Kindness Fund can be used?

The Seed Kindness Fund can be used for (but are not limited to):

  • Publicity: outreach and engagement purposes i.e. boosting of posts on chosen social media platforms
  • Logistical requirements: printing and production of collaterals, logistics, transportation of heavy/ bulky items, rental fees for equipment and props used in events, stationery materials and honorarium fees for talents used for filming.

There are some restrictions on the apportioning of funds:

  • 20% limit of approved funding for social media buys
  • 20% cap of approved funding for giveaway items/ prizes
  • For example, if the project is approved for $1,000, a maximum of $200 can be used for social media buys and a maximum of $200 can be used for giveaway items/ prizes respectively.

The funds should not be used for:

  • catering of food and drinks i.e. buffet spread or bento
  • personal transportation (e.g. taken on own from destination A to the event venue, unless as means of transporting heavy/ bulky items).

It is important to note that any spending before the official approval from SKM is not entitled for claim after the project.

Is $1,000 the maximum funding amount for the Seed Kindness Fund?

Yes, it is. However, for special cases when the project is done in collaboration with the Singapore Kindness Movement (usually with a tertiary institution), we may be able to fund up to $2,000 under the Enhanced Seed Kindness Fund. However, this is subject to terms and conditions.

Project Process

When the project is approved, how are the funds usually disbursed?

There are 2 main ways: 1-time disbursement or 2-time disbursement.

2-time disbursement:

  1. Once the project application has been approved, 60% of the approved funds will be disbursed.
  2. The remaining 40% of the approved funds will be disbursed after project completion with claims submission and a final project presentation report.

1-time disbursement:
Otherwise, the alternative is to do a 1-time disbursement of funds after project completion.

What logos should be included in a project's publicity materials?

All collaterals must bear the Seed Kindness Fund and Singapore Kindness Movement logos by stating, “Supported by: [insert SKM logo] and [insert SKF logo].” Prior permission from SKM must be sought on logo placement on the finalised collaterals before they are released.

Does the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) sponsor items for giveaway?

Giveaway items can be provided by SKM subject to availability. Please enquire in advance.

Can the Seed Kindness Fund be used for a project's fundraising efforts in support of another organisation?

The Seed Kindness Fund can be used to help a project's fundraising efforts for another organisation i.e. the funds can be used for the boosting of posts on social media so as to create greater publicity and awareness on the cause and encourage people to donate to the organisation. However, the Seed Kindness Fund CANNOT be used as a direct donation to the other organisation.

What receipts are accepted for claims submission?

We accept all

  • original receipts or certified true copies of original receipts
  • photos of the original receipts

All receipts should be in SGD currency. If receipts are not in English i.e. an online purchase from Taobao, the receipts need to be translated word-for-word for claims submission.


Do projects approved for the Seed Kindness need to be sustained?

Projects approved for the Seed Kindness Fund should be sustained for a period of at least 3 months after the project is completed.

What is next in line for projects after the Seed Kindness Fund?

If the project team is thinking of sustaining their campaign in the long term and forming a collective, they may consider applying for the Singapore Kindness Movement's Ground-up Movements funding.