Let’s Appreciate Them! by NIEC-NP Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Main Aims

  • Raise awareness on foreign workers in Singapore
  • To expose the children to the life of a foreign worker and encourage them to show appreciation to these workers.

Target Audience

Preschoolers from Little Footprints Preschool

Seed Kindness Fund Island Seed Kindness Fund people on island

Project Methodology

  • Demonstrate the life and job scope of foreign workers through a short skit.
  • Incorporate the use of a KWL Chart (what I know, what I want to know and what I have learnt) to help children in their thought process.
  • Origami craftwork with children, enabling them to pen down words of appreciation.
  • Reflection session with children to recap what they learnt.
  • Take home kits (checklist table) to expose them to various acts of kindness that they can do on their own.

End April - May: Planning of proposal

28th May: Liaise with preschool

7th June: Presentation

End June - Early July: Preparation of materials and rehearsals for skit

9th July: Execution day

Outcomes of Project

  • Team managed to reach out to 13 preschoolers in the centre.
  • Successfully raise children’s awareness towards the foreign worker community as children were able to share what they have learnt from the project.
  • Children were able to complete the KWL chart with the guidance of the team.
  • Children generally enjoyed themselves