Showing Kindness Starts with Me! by NIEC-NP Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Main Aims

To educate children about the importance of trolley etiquette.

Target Audience

Children from PCF Sparkletots Preschool at Sembawang Block 755 (CC)

Aged 5-6 years old (K2)

Seed Kindness Fund Island Seed Kindness Fund people on island

Project Methodology

  • Liaised with staff from child care to make the arrangements for the event.
  • Puppet show storytelling to bring out real life issues faced when trolleys are not properly taken care of.
  • Relay race activity to encourage teamwork and vocabulary learning in children.
  • Implementation of reward system for parents to work with teachers and their child (home project).
  • Encouragement kit as a small token for students, and a way to remind them of trolley etiquette.

21st - 24th May: Liaising with preschool centre

24th-31th May: Script writing for puppet show storytelling/ designing of souvenirs

17th June: Recce of venue

17th - 21st June: Floor plan

21st - 25th June: Purchase materials needed

25th - 27th June: Printing of collaterals

27th - 30th June: Rehearsals

30th June - 7th July: Trial run

Mid July: Implementation of project with centre

Outcomes of Project

  • Children were all participating actively in the activities.
  • Children understood the importance of using the trolleys in a responsible manner.
  • Children shared that in the future they will return the trolley after use, and keep in mind to use the trolley appropriately.