Befriend a Foreign Worker Today! by NIEC-NP Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Main Aims

  • To allow students to better understand and appreciate the work that foreign workers do.
  • Encourage children to treat foreign workers with kindness and respect.

Target Audience

Children from Ascension Kindercare

Seed Kindness Fund Island Seed Kindness Fund people on island

Project Methodology

  • Dialogue session with foreign worker
  • Children engaged in craft making to show appreciation to foreign worker.
  • Reflection session within small groups
  • Snippets of the event were documented and collated into a video.

May (Week 1-2): Research and planning

May (Week 3-4): Finalized details of proposal

June (Week 1): Presentation

June (Week 2-4): Approval and touching up of lesson plan

July (Week 1): Purchased materials

July (Week 2): Trial run of activity

July (Week 3): Project execution day

Outcomes of Project

Students have a greater understanding, appreciation and empathy for foreign workers. They also learnt to humanise foreign workers by being aware that they are people with stories too.