Be Greater by TP Diploma in Communications & Media Management

Main Aims

  • Increase SKM’s digital presence
  • Boost awareness of the Be Greater campaign.
  • Main message: “We are all in control of our lives and actions. Kindness starts from home, starting with the little deeds.”

Target Audience

18-34 year olds

Seed Kindness Fund Island Seed Kindness Fund people on island

Project Methodology

  • Produced and curated consistent content to drive an online campaign to increase millennials’s awareness of SKM’s page.
  • Project consists of 4 integrated phases: Content posted on Twitter/ engagement post on Twitter/ advertisements on social media/ teasers on social media.
  • Engaged the use of Twitter, posting content and print deliverables that engages millennials. Accompanied with various hashtags: #SKM #BeGreater #LetsBeGreater2019
  • Sparked conversation on kindness issues on Twitter among netizens.
  • Publicity through advertisements on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Used short clips (teasers) to capture the viewer's attention. Incorporated humour when coming up with content for videos. Filmed a 3 episode mini series that focus on issues faced by Singaporeans in the neighbourhood.
  • Adopted the use of a persona that the target audience can relate and remember.
  • Made use of a gaming concept to attract the attention of younger millennials.
  • Colour of printables aligned with SKM’s logo.

A 3-month long campaign

Every Thursday: Talk Talk Thursday on Twitter 

Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Social Media Advertisements

1st of each month: Video posted on Twitter

20th of each month: Printables posted on Twitter

At least once a week: Twitter Giveaway Advertisements

Outcomes of Project

Met project aims of increasing SKM’s digital presence, increasing the number of visits to the various SKM sites by 25%.