Just Tray It

Our Objective

We are a team of Singapore Management University students who worked together with Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) to implement a tray-clearing project at Koufu. The objective of this project is to encourage patrons of the foodcourt to return their trays after consuming their meal. This is in line with SKM’s mission, which is to encourage individuals to internalize kindness and consideration towards others.

Koufu has been selected as our beneficiary due to its close proximity to our school and its highly supportive management. The presence of existing infrastructure to facilitate tray clearing was a main factor that we took into consideration. We had also wanted to inculcate a culture of clearing trays among SMU students and staff, encouraging them to be civic-minded citizens. 

The main aim of our team was not to radicalize tray clearing in foodcourts, but rather to make the public receptive to the idea of returning their trays in consideration for others. We sought to use creative and catchy ideas to neutralize the public’s perception of tray clearing, as we knew that many were not receptive to tray clearing, due to misconceptions. 

We had hoped that our project would be a catalyst for change, a stepping-stone for future projects to work on. We had also hope to leave something tangible behind to remind people of the merits of returning their trays. 

The Plan

We conducted interviews with cleaners at Koufu and Professor Chung to solicit their views and problems of the issue at hand. Surveys were also conducted online and in Koufu to gather responses to our project and initial methods. These were done to find out the root causes of why patrons are reluctant to return their trays. With that in mind, we could come up with solutions to tackle the problems. 

We used social media as our main form of marketing to the public. A Facebook account was created to generate publicity. When we posted our flashmob on Stomp, it created a furor, instantly becoming the Top 8 ‘Must-See’ category. The flashmob was organized to create awareness to our campaign, and attract publicity to our project.

Four videos were created by the team, which SKM eventually took a liking to one of them. The videos will be posted on SKM website to showcase our video to the public. 

To ensure sustainability of our project, we designed catchy stickers to grab our audiences’ attention. These stickers were pasted on the tables of Koufu to serve as a reminder for the public. The use of the current infrastructure was also improved with the addition of posters to guide patrons to the tray return points.

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