Test Of Courage

It’s 6.38a.m. in the feeder bus to the interchange on your daily commute. You have to switch over to the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) just for a few stops. Somehow, you managed to make it before the crowd, so you sit just a few seats behind the Exit Doors on the bus. You plug in your earphones, switch on your Music Player app on your mobile phone.

But someone caught your eye.

In the midst of your music playlist selection process, a hunchbacked elderly lady of about 70 years with her trolley stands just beside the exit. She looks at a seated student from your school, your junior, with pouty lips. The “aunty’s” grip on her trolley was unstable, and she was desperately trying to balance herself. You see her lips moving, trying to speak to your schoolmate to ask for the seat but he/she was listening to morning tunes as well.

Would you stand up to offer your seat? Or, would you ask your schoolmate to give up their seat? 

Are you brave enough to do either of those things in the first place?

The Project

Test Of Courage (TOC) is a project brought to life by students from Temasek Junior College (TJC). Answering the call to Pick A Seed, the CARE representatives of TJC enlisted the help of TJC students to summon their courage to do kind deeds for others.

TOC consists of a main event day where participants would go out and do kind deeds for others. These deeds would be given points for their Kindness, Sincerity, and Creativity. Afterwards, participants would gather back in TJC and there would be a sharing session and debrief. 

On the 18th April 2014, a publicity board and posters were put up in TJC to create awareness and build up interest on the subject. The following Monday, a publicity speech was made during assembly by Karina and Taha to highlight TOC to the school once more.

3rd of May 2014 was the actual TOC event. Groups of 3 individuals went to surrounding areas such as Bedok Mall, Bedok Point, and Bedok Interchange to name a few. Participants had 2 hours to pluck up their courage in helping out their fellow residents. The team with the highest points at the end of the 2 hours emerged victorious! 

More than just a one-day event to help others with an ulterior motive, the CARE representatives heading TOC hoped that they were able to make their fellow schoolmates braver. Helping others, especially those in need, requires a tremendous amount of courage. If everyone was afraid and plugged their ears with music, no one would be rendering any sort of kind deeds to others.

Stand up for those who need our help! We know students from TJC are brave enough!