The Ride Etiquette

The aim of the project

Everyday, close to two million people in Singapore commute to work or school using the public transport system. Often times, citizen journalism websites creates an idea that the system is a cesspool of behaviors that require improvement. With this in mind, and people in Singapore within close proximity of each other, The Ride Etiquette was created by a team of four undergraduates from Wee Kim Wee School of Information and Communications, Nanyang Technological University.

The team aims to impart values of consideration, courtesy and kindness to the community, school and of course the Public Transport Industry. In collaboration with the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), they embarked on a campaign – The Ride Etiquette, to make the public transport journey a more pleasant and enjoyable experience. The team achieves this by educating commuters on poor etiquette and rewarding those who refrain from exhibiting bad transport etiquette.

Stereotyping (Publicity)

The Ride Etiquette team conducted surveys to identify the problems on the ground. From the results attained, they created the ‘Most Hated Characters’, such as Wide-Leg Wally, Kanchiong Kelly, and Funky Fred to name a few. The bold designs and campaign slogans also granted them a greater reach for their audience. Together with fun facts and posts on present situations, it allowed the public to understand the direction of their campaign in a light, acceptable, albeit tongue-in-cheek manner.


Leading up to their main event, The Art Invasion by The Ride Etiquette on 28 February 2014, the team demonstrated first hand what bad public transport etiquette was. Conversely, they also rewarded the general public who exhibited good public transport etiquette. These kind-hearted commuters were given stickers which allowed them to access the main event, as well as a redemption of a “How To be A Good Commuter” kit.

The Art Invasion

On 28 February 2014, an arts exhibition was set up to showcase what the team has achieved thus far. Set at the Substation, local artists’ works on public transport were also showcased to give the visitors a different perspective into their daily commute to work. The main event itself was free for the general public, but those with the stickers had their “How To be A Good Commuter” kit to bring home as a token of appreciation for their gracious actions.

As of early June 2014, The Ride Etiquette garnered 1,161 Likes on their Facebook page and they have a total of 1,448 online pledges on their website. The links to their web pages are provided and they prove to be inspirational to most, if not all, public transport commuters and non-commuters alike.