Kindness Fiesta

Remember when we were much younger? When everything seemed to be like fun and games?

Little did we know that a lot of our activities were actually beneficial to us growing up. The falls as we tried to cycle, the sharing of our belongings with our friends, even the simple lesson of not littering molds us into who we are.

No, we can’t time travel back to that age and enjoy once more. But we can help the younger generation with growing up to be kind to one another. We can make it enjoyable at the same time.

Let’s do this in a Fun way !

The aim of the project

Kindness Fiesta is made up of a team from Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of Tourism and Resort Management. They aim to inculcate the value of kindness to children in a highly engaging and interactive manner.

The initiative will be held at Holy Innocents Primary School on 22nd July 2014. From a skit to a full blown carnival in school, the lesson on kindness is not one that is “boring” to the children.

As a Pre-Event, the students will nominate their peers who are deserving to be Kindness Heroes. Deserving Heroes will win prizes, and this will be given out in front of the school after the skit that the Team will put up for an assembly period.

Awake the Kindness Giant in You

This is their mission statement and it is apparent in their enthusiasm and the activities lined up for the primary school students. Activities for their carnival range from “Fishing for Deeds” to “River Crocodile” and they are sure to heighten the students desire to be kind to others.

Do support the group at their Facebook Page ( and receive timely updates on their progress.

Now, don’t you wish you were a primary school student in Holy Innocents Primary?

No? Well, did I mention that free popcorn is available for the students? (: