Dare To Care

You walk casually down Orchard Road towards Cathay Cineleisure. You have an appointment with your friends to catch the latest “How to Train your Dragon” movie. Sure, you’re a bit too old for it, but animated stories are fun to watch.

As you wait patiently for the traffic light with a mass of people going in the same direction, the man beside you is watching a show on his mobile phone, a bit too focused on it. His wallet hangs precariously from his side pocket. You know the right thing to do is to tap his shoulder and inform him, but, you’re too shy to talk to a stranger.

You hesitate. And you let it slide. The light changes and the whole horde crosses together. You reach the other end and somehow, your eyes focus on his pocket. He was ahead of you about 2 metres now. Empty. He was frantically looking for it now, haphazardly spinning around and looking on the ground. You look away sheepishly. “Why wasn’t I assertive enough to tell him?”

Dare To Care
Dare to Care is created by a group of Ngee Ann Polytechnic students from the School of Tourism and Resort Management. The team believes that everyone is kind, but we all need a little push to go out of our comfort zone.

DareToCare is a series of 3 events “Start It, Show It, Share It” on their main event day of 26th July 2014.

Start It
This section involves the public. The team will have members walking around with a board of post-its. Hidden behind the Post-Its will be different dares of kind deeds that people can do.

Show It
Next, participants of the dares will be awarded with a temporary tattoo that will be applied on their arm, wrist, or even their face! The aim of this is to boldly display that they have a kind heart and they are not afraid to express it.

Share It
Last, but definitely not the least, DareToCare will have a photobooth on site. The picture symbolizes that the participants have completed the event and they dare to express their kindness for others to see. As the pictures will be uploaded onto the team’s social media websites such as Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DareToCareSG), Twitter, and Instagram, be prepared to dress your best !

So what are you waiting for? There are even percussion performances by Barracuda Batucada and a dance item by Dance For FunFMS on the event day ! Prove to them that we dare to care !

Join them outside Wisma Atria on 26th of July 2014 !