Be Kind Don’t Whine

The aim of the project

We are a group of Ngee Ann Polytechnic students who want to show that being kind can bring happiness to others and oneself, and to instill kindness as a habit.

Project Aim

  • To help youths realise that a single act of kindness can make someone else’s day, which is often underestimated;
  • To raise awareness on the importance of kindness;
  • To encourage youths to take more initiative and be more proactive in lending a helping hand; and
  • Kindness leads to happiness.


Project details

Snack 4 U
It is an activity whereby students are given the opportunity to customise their own sandwiches and it will be delivered by volunteers to the desired person they choose within the campus. The purpose is to show how one is appreciative of the other by doing a small kind act, e.g making a meal for their friend. All actions of appreciation will be captured in the form of Polaroid and displayed on Wall of Kindness Board.

Kindness with handprints
It is an activity to get people to make out the portrait of Daisy with colourful handprints.

Dial For Kindness
It is an activity inspired by a beer commercial which requires a friend of the participant to come to their rescue, after which they will celebrate with a beer. However we have modified this activity and participants are given a scenario in which they need to call a random friend for rescue. They will celebrate with the Kindness mocktail – Blue Daisy mocktail made by Shatec Institute student.

Float It Forward
We will write kind words and simple messages in the balloons so that the messages can be passed forward to each and every one participating in this activity.