Project If

The aim of the project

We are a group of Volunteers from Voluntarius and as part of Community Service Marathon 2013, we have decided to do Project If! We aim to reignite the spark of graciousness in people so that it will bridge the “disconnect” between what we want society to be and what we do.

Project details

Project If is an initiative borne of several partnering organisations under Community Service Marathon. It is a one-day focused on the concept of ‘paying it. More than 100 youths will be engaged on the day and they will follow a devised system of passing ‘acts of kindness’ forward. The act of kindness will be documented and passed forward via social media and physical tokens.

Impact of Project

Within the span of 2 hours, there were more than 12,000 impressions, 115 Instagram photos, 2200 likes and 43 tweets. But it doesn’t stop there. This group of enthusiasts, consisting of students from CHIJ Katong, Bowen Secondary School, ITE College Central, volunteers from Voluntarius and even members of the public, will continue doing act of kindness and passing that token on, and using the reach of social media to shout out about Project If.


In conclusion, the desired outcomes of the campaign were fulfilled. Not only did the campaign spread the word on paying-it-forward, volunteers had a first hand understanding of how easy it is to execute an act of kindness. Rejecttions the volunteers met clearly illustrated the current mindsets of the mainstream public – kindness were not perceived as a second nature. To the volunteers, many of them kep the execution of good deeds and #hastags going after the campaign. Indeed, the best take-away for the commottee and volunteers was no acts of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Project Date: 24 August 2013



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