Heart Of Gold

The aim of the project

We are a group of Singapore Management University students who strongly want to play a part in building a gracious Singapore. In line with Singapore Kindness Movement’s mission, we seek to impart values of consideration, courtesy and kindness to the Kindergartens and Secondary Schools.

In collaboration with the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), we have embarked on a campaign – Project Heart of Gold. We are planning a two-tier venture, the first tier is working with the secondary school and the second is with the kindergarten.

First tier – A 3 day workshop in Secondary School

The first part of the project will be teaching the students certain skills to the secondary school students from CHIJ Katong. The skills include topcis suchs as Creative thinking, Brain Storming, Effective communication and Events planning skills. The reason for this is that we feel that when the students move on to tertiary level, such skills would prove beneficial as teriarty institution always involve team work and creativity and it sets greatly from learning such skills when they are young. Therefore, we conducting a 3 day workshop and the teaching materials used by our team are designed by professors from SMU.

Second tier- Promoting kindness and courtesy aong Kindergartens

Our group believes that learning is not complete without practice hence in this part of the project, we would guide the secondary students to plan and organise a CSP. This CSP would involve the students organizing a courtesy carnival for kindergarten kids. The kindergarten choosen was Sparkle Tots Kindergarten and the activities conducted were:

  • Each child is given a “courtesy task card” to complete, whereby a sticker is given upon completion of each “courtesy station”.
  • Booths and games at 5 “courtesy stations”, whereby they willl be taught courtesy values and life skills, which they can practice in their daily life. Values taught will be in line with the Singapore Kindness Movement.
  • A play/ performance/ musical by Secondary School students on “courtesy”