Project KLOE

The aim of the project

We are a group of Singapore Management University student and the aim of the project is to instil a sense of civic mindedness in the average Singaporean commuter. KLOE is intended to be the catalyst that will trigger more commuters to be socially aware as well as to get more commuters to take note of the various signs around them (i.e. Priority Seating, Keep Left, etc). In conjunction, we plan to have project KLOE designed as a complement to the annual Singapore Kindness Week. We will emphasize and promote the importance of Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) as well as garner some publicity and support for the movement.

The Plan

We strategically placed posters and banners to encourage commuters to observe proper escalator and safety over at Raffles Place Interchange and Dhoby Ghaut Interchange. Our volunteers from CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School positioned themselves at the sides of the escalators to thank the commuters verbally when they moved to stand on the left; the ‘Singa’ on the other hand, entertained and drew the crowd to the booth to encourage commuters to pledge for the campaign.

The Impact

A total number of pledges after 2 days was 1253. This is to say 1253 individuals stopped by our booth to find out more about the project as well as to show their support. This has also garnered support from tourists as well.

What We Learnt

We learnt that we could increase the impact of our project to reach a wider audience and creat a cascading effect on the society. For example, we should take this project to the heartlands because heartlanders do not really follow this escaloator etiquette. On top of that, we felt that we would need constant reminder to encourage commuters to keep to the left when taking escalators. Thus,larger sticker and eye catching slogans could be affixed on all escalators to raise such awareness. In addition these reminders could be made through the announcement service available in all MRT stations.