Be Nice!

Our Objective

Event “Be Nice!” is an initiative by a group of Year 2 Tourism and Resort Management students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and it aimed to instill happiness and graciousness into the community. Most importantly, the event had brought across a very important message – a simple act of kindness can be done anytime, anywhere to anyone, and it can make someone’s day.

The Plan

The event was conceptualized in April 2012, and execution was held on several days with different activities being organized as part of this movement. The final day of execution brought about the main activities of this event, namely “What Would You Do?” and “Say Something Nice”.

As part of promotion, two fundraising activities were held in Ngee Ann Polytechnic on 27 June and 17 July separately. The first activity, entitled “Sponsor A Change”, allowed kind-hearted souls to sponsor a pre-packed hamper for one of the four available charitable organizations identified. Over $2000 was raised, and all purchases were donated to the charitable organizations, while the balances were used to support Event “Be Nice!” The other fundraiser, entitled “A Day for Daisies”, was aimed at bringing a smile to everyone by selling yellow gerbera daisies. 1000 daises were sold as part of the efforts to bring smiles to everyone in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

The third activity was a flashmob, which was held over a 3-hour time period along Orchard Road. The flashmob was part of the team’s effort for promoting Event “Be Nice!”, and videos of the flashmob were posted and well-received online, reaching out to 43,000 people just through Facebook alone. Crowds had gathered around the flashmob crew interested and amused, and many came up taking photos and videos, and had asked about the flashmob.

The final day of execution, which was entitled “f”, was held on 21 July outside Wisma Atria, and it comprised of 3 activities, “What Would You Do?”, “Say Something Nice!” and a guerilla gig, where various student groups gave performances, such as an acapella gig, a saxophone quartet, a percussion ensemble and a guitar quartet. The gig had gathered crowds of over 100 people, and was very successful at keeping the crowd entertained while giving messages to “Be Nice!”

“What Would You Do?” is an activity, which had put the public to test. Different scenarios of people in need were acted out, and the task for the public was to help these “people in need”. If they had done so, the kind soul would be given a token for helping and be cheered for by a crowd. On the day itself, the team was very pleased to see that many members of the public had come forth to help the actors, and results were very promising.

The other activity, “Say Something Nice!” strived to encourage people to say something nice to anyone. A microphone was placed outside Wisma Atria, and anyone can just say something nice into it. Although this activity was not as well received as “What Would You Do?” there were still many people, mostly foreigners, who went up and gave messages that were very encouraging. One Caucasian lady even went up to wish her new husband a happy honeymoon.

Overall, the event was a success. Photos taken during the event reached to over 43,000 people on Facebook. The event was also featured on 3 TV news channels, namely Channel 5 News Tonight, Channel News Asia and Suria, with over 15 minutes of airtime. The event was also featured on the pages of Zaobao and The New Paper, with over 3 pages worth of coverage in the latter. The team believes that this event has attained its goal of giving the public a gift that keeps giving. With the media coverage, the team strongly believes that the event has encouraged people, regardless of demographics, to perform kind deeds for anyone, thus influencing many others to do so as well. In conclusion, Event “Be Nice!” has done exceedingly well in the eyes of the team.

What We Learnt

In general, “Be Nice!” was an eye-opener for the whole class. What we learned is that nobody plans to fail, but many fail to plan. Because of this event, we learn the importance of planning, especially deadlines. This is because whenever we miss a deadline, work will start to pile up, and sometimes, it becomes too much to handle.

We also learned that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. In a team we need to depend on everyone, if not, many of the team members will burn out soon. Work should be distributed equally.

Moreover, we learned that communication is very important. Sometimes, some things may make sense in our heads, however, others may not understand. Hence, it is important that we take time to explain what we are doing. Also, miscommunication can lead to even bigger troubles. There are times when friction occurs between members as things were not communicated properly. Therefore, we must all be receptive to what others say, and be willing to sit down and contribute.

Lastly, we reap what we sow. In order to achieve the success we did today, it took three and a half months of hard work. We are really proud of what we achieved.