How does the Seed Kindness Fund work?


It all starts with an observation. Perhaps your community needs to start showing more compassion. Or you feel a need to educate your neighbourhood about noise control. 

Then, put your creative juices to work and think of a solution! It could be an educational campaign, a collection drive, a public event, or an online initiative - anything that helps to solve the problem through the spreading of kindness, or the diminishing of unkindness. 

Armed with your idea and an execution plan, submit an application for the Seed Kindness Fund!


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    Download the form here. Complete and mail it to us at least 8 weeks before your project's proposed start date.

    Seed Kindness Fund
    Singapore Kindness Movement
    61 Stamford Road, #04-12 
    Stamford Court 
    Singapore 178892 Email: [email protected]
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    We'll be in touch within 2 weeks! If your project is approved, you will receive 60% of the approved funding in your designated bank account.
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    The remaining 40% is determined by how much support your project gets, so share and publicise it on social media! We recommend setting up a Facebook page for your project, gaining page 'likes' or followers and keeping them updated with information on your project's progress.

    Note: The Seed Kindness Fund is capped at $1,000.
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    Execute your project!

    Note: Be sure to keep a log of your project's milestones and activities. This will help greatly in the compilation of your project report. Don't forget to also keep all original receipts (or certified true copies) for us to verify the total expenditure of your project. Not all types of expenditure can be claimed - 
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    The following types of expenditure will not be covered by the Seed Kindness Fund:
    • Hire of event companies to conduct activities
    • Fixed asset items
    • Cash vouchers / Giveaways
    • Taxi claims
    • Spending more than 20% of approved funds on prizes and tokens of appreciation
    • Buffet spread
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    Submit a detailed project report and statement of accounts within 2 months of the project's completion. Share your experiences and results with us through a 15-minute presentation. The remaining 40% (or part thereof) of the Seed Kindness Fund will then be credited to your designated bank account.